Below are the most commonly asked questions regarding our bidet products.

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Bidet Information

The short answer? For your HEALTH and WELLBEING.

Imagine instead of a shower or bath you started each day by grabbing a tissue and wiping your face and underarms, would you feel clean?

The bidets we supply cleanse your private parts with a stream of pure filtered warm water and then dries you with a gentle temperature controlled air flow every time you use it. Leaving you feeling fresh and clean. No amount of toilet paper can clean you as well as the washing and drying functions performed by an electronic bidet.

General Information

Payments via phone. What are my options?

If you phone an order we can process Visa and MasterCard  only.

Credit Card processing over the phone 09 320 3426 is only available on weekdays between 10:00am to 3:00pm AEST.

Payment via PayPal

Paypal is a good option for both buyer and seller as it offers significant fraud protection.

For Overseas Buyers

For overseas buyers PayPal is the only option we accept. PayPal also supports a wider range of credit cards including American  Express.